Hello World!

I am an IT professional working within the education sphere.  My career in IT started quite accidentally; initially I had planned to launch in to automotive or marine mechanics, in part inspired by my Father who is a marine manager.

The direction changed when I accidentally read the DOS manual when I bought my first PC.  From that point on, I was hooked on IT.  The discovery that I could make this box do what I wanted it to do was very seductive and I’ve never looked back.

Up until recently, I have had one significant sticking point: documentation.
Obviously, this is very important in the IT world as it not only enables others to work out what you’ve done but it also gives you a trace back to things you may have forgotten yourself; this is a very real issue when dealing with upscaling systems deployments, especially when you find uncommented code.  With those points in mind, I have these goals:

  1. To make writing documentation a more natural part of projects
  2. To improve my own writing skills
  3. To improve communicating thoughts and concepts more effectively

A final point for me personally is to provide an aide-mémoire as to what I’ve been up to.  Sometimes it’s really difficult retracing your steps months and years later.